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Electricity for Less

With properly designed solar energy systems, homeowners can eliminate or significantly reduce their monthly electric bill. During the day you receive credits for energy produced and not used and at night you use those credits to power your home.

Environmental Stewardship

The sun provides a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions. The solar panel's carbon footprint is roughly 20 times less than the carbon output of coal-powered electricity sources.

Visualize System Production

Properly designed systems will produced 100% of your electrical energy needs, making your home Net-Zero.

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Gus Checketts, CEO

Gus currently serves at the Chief Executive Officer for Show-Me-Solar, a Missouri based solar energy company servicing Northwest Missouri. He has masters’ degrees in Engineering, Business and Strategic Studies.

Renewable energy has been a life long passions for Gus, which he has studied and followed over the last forty years. After retiring from the Army and his job as an engineering in telecommunications, he started a new chapter as an energy consultant with Sunfinity Renewable Energy, developing designs and providing energy savings and production solutions to residential customers. He then partnered in the creation of SunStar Solutions, a renewable energy startup that within 90 days from inception, grew to more than 40 employees and monthly revenues exceeding $500k. At SunStar, Gus served as the COO, where he helped develop the new company’s organizational structure, policies, mission, values and compensation packages.

Gus is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran.